Friday, 18 November 2011

A Little Intro...

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     I've always loved pretty things. Even as a child I remember loving anything that sparkled or anything that made me stop and take a second glance. It's that feeling you get when you see something beautiful that I love. It makes you feel like for a moment the world has stopped. For a moment all you see is what's infront of you. Now that I'm an adult, with a child of my own, nothing has really changed. I'm incredibly affected by my surroundings. I can't sit in a room without rearranging the furniture in my head or secretly changing the room colour or decor in my mind. Not that I'm critical of what I's just that my mind is always racing with possibilities. I think that I'm always trying to create beauty around me in some way or another-but the catch is that I'm ridiculously frugal. Whether it's interior design, entertaining, organizing, crafting, cake decorating or renovating our house, I do it all with a budget in mind (but beauty at the forefront).
     I never thought I'd have a blog--really I know nothing at all about blogging. But I have a very computer savvy sister who convinced me that with all of the creative things that I do, it might be worth sharing them with others. Originally I was just going to post my cakes, since I have somehow started a little cake baking/decorating side business while on maternity leave this year. Many people have asked me if I have a blog or website for my cakes and I always had to tell them no. But when I was thinking about creating a blog for my cakes, I figured I might as well include all of the other crafty stuff that I do, or include tips or ways that I try to make my life easier, prettier and wonderful all at the same time. Not that I have a perfect life in any way (I don't think they exist to be honest)...but I figure if life is going to throw me stresses, heartache, craziness etc., I may as well be looking at pretty things in the midst of it all! To me, it's all about creating a life that is fulfilling, purposeful and worthwhile amidst the chaos, stress and hardships that life also tries to throw at us. So, with that said, I hope this blog provides you with some inspiration to create your own beautiful things, some entertainment about the everyday happenings in my life and some passion to continue to create a beautiful life for yourself, your family and those around you.


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